K-12 Reporting Policy Framework (2023-2024)

The Ministry of Education and Child Care is updating it’s K-12 student reporting policy beginning in the 2023-2024 school year. This will change aspects of how schools report learning to students and parents through Learning Updates and a Summary of Learning.  We called these Report Cards in the past. Further down on this page you can find what’s new and what is the same with the new policy framework.

The Ministry of Education and Child Care has created a page with a video and documents, that you can find at

See below for two page documents that can help explain the transition.

What is consistent?

  • 5 communications of student learning; 3 written and 2 of flexible format​
  • Written descriptive feedback to accompany scale or letter grade/percentage​
  • Letter grades and percentages at Grades 10-12​

What’s is evolving?

  • Student reporting practices that align with B.C.’s curriculum and provincial assessment system​
  • timely and responsive feedback on student learning that parents can understand​
  • Consistent use of the Provincial Proficiency Scale at Grades K-9​ by all districts
    Written descriptive feedback at grades K-12 (Where a student is strong or shown growth / where do they need support / how can families help at home)
  • Graduation status update at Grades 10-12​
  • Student self-assessment of the and goal setting in all grades in the 3 written reports​

K-9 Proficiency Scale

BC's new K-9 Proficiency ScaleThe Emerging EMG – Developing DEV – Proficient PRF – Extending EXT scale is already in use in the Provincial Assessments in Grades 4, 7, 10, and 12. The Proficiency Scale will be used in learning updates and summaries of learning (previously known as report cards) starting in the 2023-2024 school year.

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